Monday, March 18, 2013

The commitment

Today is a day to celebrate. My bestie and her soulmate tied the knot :) Yeay! so happy that I just didn't want to miss witnessing and celebrating it together with the love birds, friends and their families. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Mak! =D May you live happily ever after. Tadaaa...familiar words from fairytales but it is my utmost sincere blessings. Am looking forward to the reception :)

Anyway, what I'd like to share tonight is the registration itself. To my surprise, it took less than 10 minutes. Seriously. What I heard was the few questions and the answers - Yes, No, I do, I do, sign, exchange of ring and you get your papers. Oh she missed the kissing part but right, that's illegal here I think. Oh and that's it! Just that?! Yes, just that. For skeptics, it is just a paper and legally bonded to the government because without it although you consider yourself man and wife, there's so many limitations & restrictions.For a moment, it really seemed unbelievable and looks like a warranty paper if one leaves the other either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. 

Nevertheless, it signifies eternal love & commitment because it can only happen once
(at least, in my context).    

Note: Oh by the way, not anytime soon. Don't think too much :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Me & My Irresponsible dream

 I dream to travel around the world, to leave everyone behind, to see whats on every part of the world and to find the best place to reside. To live in a cottage with lush green sceneries, to live simply with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows every night.
How carefree. How naive.

When reality strikes, it is just a dream. An irresponsible dream. 
Such dreams comes in handy when I'm all worked up. To be stuck in my own world for a moment makes me come back easily and move on.

But then again, keep in mind we always have our loved ones around us. No matter how difficult life could be, I'm sure we'll pull through.
When there's a will, there's a way.
Don't give up.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

To dream is to hope

Yes, I've finally taken my step to revive my blog. So to expect more posts coming up slowly.
Stumble upon this note, and I think it is just right for every one of us. Take time off tonight to dream. It's always good to dream. Gives me inspiration & strength to move forward.

I'm grateful for what I have today, but I'm not contented just yet. 
Happy Thanksgiving! =D 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Faith brought us together

So Joon Aun left for more than a week.

Of course, everyone asked me about the ugly airport scene but thank you all for concerning, no worries, I'm doing fine =). In fact, we are doing great because we're always with each other. Well, this is the first souvenir I got from him, thanx babe! Love ya much!

Once written on the sands of Dubai =)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What would girls die for?

Guys. Metaphorically, of course.

Of the many many pleasures in life - beauty, clothes, shoes, bags; Girls will also sacrifice anything for their guy and it always made me wonder why. Although I wonder, I'm just one of them. Well, at least the many girlfriends I know are like that =) Four or three words. The power of love or Love is blind? Or its neither. It is just our nature for being angelic and its okay, no matter what. I decided that it is just girls and emotions. Its automatic. However, it could be very subjective and this is just one side of the coin. And I wonder if guys really do appreciate it (well, if you do, then its awesome!!).

If we open the newspapers these days, there are so many cases of teenage girls running away with their so-called bf. Why so stupid? It is not worth while to just run away from school and follow somebody who they barely even know..Not this kinda sacrifice. I will probably give my sympathy to those who were cast black magic on, but not those who know men/guys through Facebook and get cheated. Hmmm...its like a trend these days. I don't know whats behind - family probs, stress etc. but its just not the way. I hope we can do something about it.

ps: The power of love lies with whoever who cares less.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ronald McDonald Live!

Came across this poster last night. Ronald McDonald Live in Concert 6pm today in McD Batu Pahat and we saw some staff preparing for the big day. hahaha. I wonder what songs he'll be singing =) Pa dap pap pap pa.. I'm lovin' it!

Live! Live! Live!

Poser Ronald

**And for a change, an instrumental on my blog =) Hope you guys like it.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blame it on the work stress

When it comes to planning, I think one of the best professionals will be an actuary. They give you the best premium rates, risks and bla bla bla.. But when it comes to life planning, probably a lil' too dreamy. hahaha.. Before this, Zi came up with a 5 year plan for Shu Yi - getting a girlfriend to marriage. Today, unexpectedly, she gave me a 2 year plan instead =.=" haha Zi's hinting something, girls! hahaha Sorry Zi! =P Just joking.

We were talking about my internship choices and she was asking me questions after questions before resorting to this (below).

天真的朋友 ;)

Yikes, I wonder what did EY do to my friend, that she's dreaming on broad day light. Blame it on the work stress.. hehe. Oie kerja la, chatting! =) I liked your idea though, wait till I become the boss! =P

My breakie and lunch today cost me rm4.80 I think, just for the McD coffee and I had a whole lot of filling stuff to eat. But the coffee made me so dizzy. yikes. Well, Joo knew I wouldn't even wake up at 8am just to have breakfast, especially on a Wednesday morning. The day that I embrace the opportunity to have my beauty sleep. So, she packed for me instead. yeay!! Thanx Joo!

stuck with TOPSIS & McD breakie

Because I've been stuffing myself with food this week [blame it on the work stress..hehe], I'll have a 3-5 days detox plan after my test on Friday. I definitely need that!

ps: There's always a solution to everything. With positive thoughts, the day will be better. =)